Marine Water Pumps

Most Marine Water Pump applications are similar to the Commercial / Truck range, basically a marinated Truck Engine. The only difference being the excessive prices charged due to it being a Marine Application! Should we not have your unit Ex Stock we can Re-Manufacture your own unit at a fraction of the manufacturer price.

We're always to happy to help..

"Solution: Happily my engineer finally found SP Water Pumps in Cheshire who were able to refurbish my pump. It has been refitted and now works fine." Read more

NOW AVAILABLE "BRAND NEW" Volvo Penta AQD21, MD21B, ADQ21B, Part No 826870 - Call for Details

"Dear Jackie, Stefan and your staff, could I just tell you how thrilled I was with the service you provided, the pump looks probably better than the day it was made, the whole thing has been comprehensively over hauled, painted and returned to me in record time complete with gaskets. I hawked it all round the tech colllege I work at to show all the students and anyone else who would listen just what a fantastic service some British companies still offer. I have forwarded your details to our boat club commodore as he is the main man behind The Broom Owners club and very involved with boating forums. Its back on the boat now, full of anti freeze and ready to go."
Jon Wilmot